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Full Time Management Services

Do you own a rental property? Have you found managing it to be difficult and time consuming? 
Would you prefer to sit back and collect a check each month without the hassle and problems of dealing with or finding tenants?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. Empire Management Company has been a trusted name in Ventura County since 1981. Our team of professionals have over 50 years experience managing all types of properties for people just like you. 
Our Full Service Management allows you to spend time doing things you enjoy, instead of dealing with the stress an income property can cause.
Our services include but are not limited to:
No Hidden or Extra Charges
You pay a low flat fee. That's it. If your property is vacant, we rent it for free. If you are not making money, neither are we. No leasing fee like other management companies
Finding you the best tenants as quick as possible 
Our years of experience in background and credit investigation ensures the tenants we put in your property are qualified. 
Iron Clad Lease Agreement
We make sure your investment is protected.
Property Inspections
We inspect your property 2-3 times a year to make sure it is being treated properly.
Clear and easy to read Financial Statements.
You can also view your financials in real time on our website 24/7.
Eviction Services
If your tenants need to be Evicted, we will handle the entire process for free. You will only pay Attorney Fee's
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